Headstone Mosaics

Italian Grave Mosaic © simon
A few years ago, I discovered that my great-grandmother was buried in an unmarked grave somewhere in Ireland. The thought of that deeply disappointed me so I embarked on creating a mosaic grave marker for her final resting place. 

I chose mosaic because it happens to be the primary medium that I work in but it dawned on me that it is a very viable way to create a lasting memorial.

Maybe it's the artist in me, but I wish more people would choose to celebrate life in a colorful way rather than just sticking a boring marble stone in the ground!

I did a little bit of searching and discovered that there are quite a few examples of this type of thing already brightening up cemeteries all over the world. While the topic might seem a little morbid, you can't overlook how amazing these headstones look!

Montreal, Canada
© Maine Transplant

Livorno, Italy

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  1. great post and terrific examples

  2. Its very touching that you were so bothered by your Grandmother's grave you were called to action. Take a look at La Recoleta Cemetaria in Buenos Aires -- while lots of gray, there is also amazing beauty in the mausoleum including wild architecture and colorful stained glass.


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