Work of Art - Season 2: Kid art challenge

I love kid art so I was super excited when I realized that the artists would be interpreting artwork made by elementary school students. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed with the adult work and found the kid's work to be much cooler.

[Surprise. Surprise.]

I recently spent two weekends supervising a ton of kids making mosaic butterflies using craft foam and I can only say that I was floored by the way that each kid interpreted the materials. I am convinced that kids know better than most adults when it comes to creativity. They don't need to research ideas before they start making art and their creative genius is attributed to having a childlike imagination.

Isn't that what every artist wants to be? A creative genius with a childlike imagination.

Hell, I do. Society beats the individuality out of most of us and kids seem to be the only human beings that maintain some level of self...at least until they reach middle school.

© Sucklord / Bravotv.com
Case in point: The Sucklord's wonky tree sculpture. Not necessarily a brilliant work of art but I did love the concept. I may have to try sculpting foam like that for a giant mosaic sculpture one day.

The kid's artwork, shown in the background, is so much more interesting. Every school should have giant pieces of artwork like that hung in the classrooms and hallways.

Kids use color with abandon and aren't afraid to draw what they have in their head. They don't care that Simon de Pury is going to tell them that their work of art isn't working.

I continue to find the work that the artists are creating a bit boring. I am more intrigued by the messages that they are trying to get across or by the idea that sparked their creative process.

Artwork isn't just about the visual representation of an idea. Most often, for me, I feel like the back story is just as important.

I've heard people say that they would rather not know about the story behind a piece of art. It turns them off and they lose interest in the work. I'm willing to take that chance because the idea and the work go hand in hand. If you cut off the emotional appeal behind the creation, you're left with a lovely dust collector.

© Tewz / Bravotv.com
I was sad to see Tewz, the street artist, go. I would imagine it is hard to translate graffiti into artwork in this type of competitive setting...especially with art critics micro-critiquing your work.

I don't care what anyone says, street art radiates an amazing sense of freedom and is more inspiring than most art that I've seen hung in galleries.

Don't agree? Check out this crazy array of street murals.

I was glad to see The Sucklord step up and stand up for Tewz when the critics were crushing his concrete GROW sculpture. That took some guts...and a very strange haircut.

I continue to like Kymia. She is genuine and her artwork has been among my favorite since the first episode. Michelle is just pissing me off. I'm glad she has the gumption to be herself and make art that is unusual, however I just don't connect with her kind of crazy. Love her paper sculptures, hate her inner world.

[Opinions, every one has one.]

There have been several spots of weirdness on each of the episodes so far. Young leaping around in his underwear and 80's style tank was definitely up there and Sara's crying jag was so bizarre. That's two uninhibited break-downs in less than four episodes.Is there something in the water?

[This is getting a little long-winded...]

© Dusty / Bravotv.com
Dusty's winning piece was awesome. I love everything about it...especially the interactive nature of it.

And it started me thinking about ways that I could adapt that type of functionality into a mosaic work.

Too cool.


I'll leave you with this: Jerry Saltz commented on his blog about having SJP as a guest judge. He said...

"Sarah Jessica Parker was one of the sweetest, most articulate, perceptive, sensitive, smart guest judges we've had on the show. She spoke more clearly about art than most people in the art world do."

Perhaps that is because she hasn't been polluted by the ideology that exists in the art world? I love that she supports keeping art in the classroom. The United States needs a resurgence of art in schools. Period.

What are you opinions, critiques and comments?

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  1. I have art my kids made in rt class hanging in my home-its amazing. even my son who has ZERO interest in art made killer stuff and I still love it.


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